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Changes to the Dog & Cat Management Act

Changes to the Dog & Cat Management Act 1995

Changes to the Act have resulted in a re-classification of circumstances that a rebate may be claimed.

For the majority, there will only be 2 classifications - standard dog and non standard dog

A dog is classified as a standard dog when it is both micro-chipped and de-sexed.

A dog is classified as non-standard dog when one or both of the conditions are absent.

There will be a 50% rebate off the standard and non-standard dog registration charges for concession card holders. NB: there is NO concession for Working (livestock) dogs.

The reasoning that led to these changes is simple, 10s of thousands of dogs and cats were destroyed in Australia last year because irresponsible people allowed un-de-sexed dogs and cats to breed either for monetary gain or apathy. The above classifications and the subsequent registration fees are designed to facilitate a change in behaviour.

From 1st July 2018, micro-chipping will become mandatory. De-sexing for all dogs born after 1st July 2018 will apply with very heavy penalties for non compliance, there are however exceptions for breeders and certified livestock dogs.

The attached fee schedule will apply from 1st July 2018 and all expiable fees and charges will also rise significantly at this time.

For further clarification, contact Councils General Inspector, Barry Richards on 8892 0100.





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