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Burra State Heritage Area

Inscribed on the National Heritage List 9 May 2017

Operating from 1845 to 1877 Burra's 'monster mine' was the largest mine in Australia for the first 10 years of its life. From 1850 to 1860 it produced five per cent of the world's copper, and at its peak of production in 1895 employed more than 1200 workers. 

Burra's features from its prosperous mining days include an outstanding collection of 19th century civic, residential, church and Cornish mining structures, all located around the mine in the former village areas of Kooringa, New Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Redruth, Llwchwr and Hampton. 

National Heritage List

National Heritage List 

The National Heritage List recognizes and protects our most valued natural, indigenous and historic heritage sites. The List reflects the story of our development, from our original inhabitants to the present day, Australia's spirit and ingenuity, and our unique, living landscape. 

Each place in the List is assessed by the Australian Heritage Council having national heritage values that can be protected under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. In this way, we can sustain our heritage for future generations. 

For further information visit www.environment.gov.au/heritage.

Heritage Areas and Places

The Regional Council of Goyder has, within its region, places and areas of significant heritage value. The Australian Heritage Commission maintains a Register of the National Estate. Included in that Register is the Town of Burra and 39 individual sites. Heritage South Australia maintains a Register of State Heritage Places. Included in that Register is the Town of Burra and over 70 individual sites. There are also individual sites on the Register scattered around the Goyder district.



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