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Council Development Assessment Panel

The State Government enacted changes to the Development Act 1993 which came into effect in Febrary 2007, that created the Council Development Assessment Panel (CDAP) and that ensured that the Panel had independence from Council.

The CDAP consists of five members, three of whom are independent of the Council, with one being the Presiding Member, and two Council elected members.

The CDAP Members are as follows;

Independent Members Council Members
Mr Bruce Ballantyne (Presiding Member) Mr Peter Dunn
Dr Susan Shannon Mr John Neal
Mr Neil Purdam  

The role of the CDAP is to consider and assess development applications that are referred to it.

The bulk of development applications lodged with Council are dealt with by the Council's Development Officer - Planning and Building Assessment & Assets Officer under delegated authority.

The CDAP generally deals with development applications that involve public notification as part of their assessment process.

Interestingly, and most signficantly, in accordance with their Code of Ethics, the CDAP members cannot be party to discussing development proposals with prospective applicants, or undertake site inspections, until the proposed development has appeared on a CDAP Agenda, and then, not until the CDAP meeting has commenced.

If a prospective developer contacts a CDAP member, the CDAP member will immediately refer the developer to the Planner and will advise the CDAP meeting, at the next opportunity, of that contact.

Depending on the nature of the contact, the CDAP member may be precluded from any discussion relating to that development and take no part in the decision making process.

Consequently, the 'lobbying' of CDAP members by prospective developers will invariably have the reverse effect!


June 7 2017
.pdf CDAP Agenda 7 June Agenda
.pdf CDAP Minutes 7 June Minutes

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